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Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Posted by: Kimix
Everyone went street riding in chicago last night, and did not call me. Currently mad at everyone.|| Orlando has named his gecko Blinkers. || Jason Suchan went to a Taylor Swift concert last night. Lets all take a moment to picture Jason singing "And we are never, ever, ever getting back togeather". || The Women of Freestyle rebuild has begun, its about a 1/3 done. || Negative Mike got a parking ticket in the city, then a speeding ticket on the way home. || Sam Schlappi reported he went to Cal City and got a flat from syringe. I'm not sure its possible to puncture his tires, so this might be an urban legend. || Last week I rolled my ankle doing a squeaker, Excon John hurt his shoulder jumping, and Hiro hurt himself somehow too. Let that be the end of injuries for this summer. || Still mad at everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Posted by: Kimix
Clearly the biggest news is MBAT has a site layout again!! Now we just need more content. || Orlando bought a crested gecko today and is currently trying to decide on a name. I suggested Sprocket. || We had three days of flooding rain followed by snow all day on Friday. I'm starting to think Spring is a Myth. The lovley rain also left me with some water in my basement runinig my flatland spot till things dry up. || Charlie's big news was that he was moving back to Chicago.. But after setting up living arrangements, selling his belongings and packing... his job offered him a promotion and now hes staying in FL and shopping for new furniture. || I think that's about it until the weather gets better.

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Posted by: Kimix
The biggest April Fools Joke is spring. It was beautiful out this weekend, and back to shitty cold for Monday. At least I got to ride a bit on Saturday and test out the freecoaster (first time in my life I've had one if your just joining us). It was ok so far. But my gear ratio sucks now so I'm in the market for a smaller sprocket. || This weekend I came apon a riding video of Tim Knoll. It is the coolest street/flatland combo riding I've ever seen in my life and I am beyond excited about it. Watch it now. Video 1, Video 2. || Chris Herbig built a street bike for his wife Bridget, we welcome her into the fold. || Charlie enjoys driving back and forth between FL and Chicago with 3 kids in the car. He was here again last week. || An old scrap video surfaced on Facebook this week. Kurt is wearing a WOF shirt. Watch or die.

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